Eat ‘Til I Die, Or Die Tryin’

It’s been almost four years. A kid, a marriage, and 20 30 pounds later. The point is I’m back with my belly intact. I live to eat, and I’ve still been eating since I took a break from writing. I figure I still like to document it all so that I may re-live every bite I’ve ever had in my life over and over again because I am obsessive that way. And so, we’re back with a oink oink here and an oink there, oink oinks everywhere. You get the message.

Four years later and even my kid is a piglet.

Four years later and even my kid is a piglet.

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Yes, it’s expensive.  But I dare you to use it once and then try to give it back.

My love affair with the KitchenAid Stand Mixer began when I saw it at the Bay way back when.  I’m a total sucker for all the pretty colors and I couldn’t even cook or bake worth a lick way back when.  I just wanted to buy it and touch the smooth steel of the prettily colored motor head.  Does that sound very wrong?


Smart Piggies Shop Organic!

Living in Vancouver definitely has it’s food advantages.  Having vast availability of organic produce is one of them.  A friend referred me to Green Earth Organics in Vancouver and I love them.  It’s a great alternative to shopping if you have a life and don’t have time to go to the grocery mart everyday after work.

They deliver directly to your door for a nominal fee on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and they are nicest people to work with.  One of the best things as well, is that I’m encouraged to try new vegetables and recipes with what fresh ingredients I receive in my bin.

Their produce is fresh and delicious and they sell other grocery items as well like milk, eggs and anything else you can think of buying when you go grocery shopping.

Hungry Piggies HEART Anthony Bourdain.

Not trying to be a total moronic stalker fan here, but I love him. The love of my life and fellow Hungry Piggy fully supports and understands my obsessive crush on Anthony Bourdain, in fact I think he secretly has a man crush on him too. So, it’s all even so long as I bring that bacon back home to daddy.

Anthony Bourdain is like bacon = GOOD!

2010 Vancouver Thanksgiving Extravaganza!

We were back home for Thanksgiving this year and we were treated to an amazing feast with our extended family.  The big star of the event was a 20lb turbaconducken.


John Makes Dessert Too!

John’s Freshly Baked Profiteroles – Even the Cream Filling is FRESH!

Misc. April 30, 2008 018-2

Ok – this is it – honestly, this is the last Food post…for today 😉 Don’t hate ’cause we love our food 😛

John’s Chicken Parmigiana

Yes, it tastes as good as it looks!

Mostly Kelowna 024-2

Piping hot out of the oven! And because I am a food freak, I also had to take a pic of the plated results… (more…)

Fudgy Haiku #1

fudgesicleI love Fudgsicle
Fudgsicle is delicious
Yum yum Fudgsicle

Costa Rican BBQ – MUI BUENO!!!

We LOVE Donde Alcides!


A lazy Sunday afternoon, a lovely drive up to the mountains, and a visit to a meat house our friend Alex has been raving about ever since we arrived in Costa Rica.

I was sensing the perfect set up for a great story, except I was too busy eating my face off to really take notes for it 😉


Olla de Carne – Costa Rican Beef Soup

Very homemade, very rustic and very comforting. An amazing soup that somehow always tastes like a Mom’s traditional recipe no matter what restaurant we get it from. This particular order was from a family restaurant near the Volcan Irazu.

olla de carne - costa rican beef soup

This is usually it’s own dish, unless you get a boca (appetizer) size. Served with a side of rice, the soup bowl is deep and massive as it’s packed full of beef broth, big chunks of meat on the bone, yucca, potato, corn and other local vegetables.

Whether you’re just really hungry, in need of comfort, sick, or hungover – get it while it’s HOT! 😀